Indulge yourself in Mother Nature

The large public baths reflect the blue sky.
Every now and then cool sea breeze and the pleasant sound of waves beautifully harmonize,
orchestrating an even greater sense of freedom and healing.
Enjoy bathing in the soft textured hot water from Toga hot springs of the Oga Peninsula.


The large public baths are available 24 hours a day.
Both the male and female public baths offer
one indoor bath and one outdoor bath each.
・Bath amenities: shower gel, shampoo and conditioner

Features of Onsen (Hot Spring)

Name of Springhead
: Shiohama Onsen
Spring Quality
: sodium chloride/Spring
Water Temperature
: 40℃
Use-form of Spring Water
: circulating filtration system,
  fresh water added and heated
Health Benefits
: Effective for cuts and bruises,
  peripheral circulatory disorders,
  intolerance to cold and dry skin
: fever, excessive debilitation, malignant tumors,
  serious visceral diseases, visible bleeding,
  acute exacerbating periods of chronic diseases